Enfield Town Owners – We Own Our Club!

Town fans & players celebrate together following a win

We Own Our Club – Join the Enfield Town Supporters Society now and become a Football Club Owner. If you are an Enfield Town Supporter, your name should be on the list below!

As an Owner/Member you:

-Hold a £1.00 share of the ETFC Supporters Society
-Are able to attend meetings of the Supporters Society and have a direct say on the Club
-Can stand for election to the Board of Directors and participate in elections.

-But most of all, you become an owner of the UK’s first supporters-owned club.

Enfield Town has enjoyed great success since our formation in 2001 with progress on and off the field. From the Essex Senior League to the Isthmian League, and from ground sharing to having our own stadium in the centre of Enfield is a great achievement. This has been as a direct result of the active membership of supporters. The club is owned and run by our fans, so membership is important.

Remember, without the members of the Supporters Society there would be no Enfield Town FC.

If you wish to become a Owner/Member there are a couple of options:

Why not join the other proud owners of Enfield Town Football Club:

Paul Ablett

Jake Ablett-Greene

Danuta Allan

Eric Allan

Phil Ambrose

Steve Ambrose

Malcolm Andrews

Leon Aresti

Richard Armstrong

Gerarda Ashton

Jason Aylott

Neil Bachelor

Charlie Baker

Rupert Baker

Kenneth Bales

Mark Ballantine

Alan Barnard

Christopher Barnard

Ed Barnard

Steve Barnes

Paul Bates

Colin Baynham

Andy Bean

Robert Belli

Stefano Belli

Paul Benedyk

Alan Bentley

Martin Bentley

Mary Bentley

Patricia Betts

Richard Blundell

Tom Boorman

Graham Borland

Guy Bowden

Ross Bowden

Ken Brazier

Ray Brewer

Andy Brown

Dave Bryant

Christopher Bull

Michael Bunyan

Clare Cade

Paul Cahalan

Gordon Cameron

Jim Cantle

Lynne Cantle

John Carrigy

Alistair Carter

Des Cass

Edward Caswell

Elizabeth Chowne

Michael Chowne

Harry Christodoulou

Malcolm Clarke

Tony Claydon

Robert Cleavely

Ronnie Colbeck

Daryll Collis

Michael Connellan

Denis Coyne

James Cracknell

Mark Cripps

Susan Cripps

Gary Cross

James Cunneen

Bruce Darnell

Phil Davison

Terry Deamer

James Delaney

Michael Delaney

Leslie Denny

Marcello Devizio

Mark Diacopoulos

Manuel Diaz Jr

Simon Dilly

Graham Dodd

John Dolan

Ian Donegan

Philip Donegan

Vera Donegan

Jonathan Doyle

Daniel Draper

Colin Druce

Mike Dunne

David Edmonds

Mark Emblen

Susan Evans

Pete Eyre

Dave Farenden

Gilli Farenden

Giovanni Ferrari

Kevin Foard

Claire Ford

David France

Michael Francis

Ben Franklin

Emma Franklin-Wright

Noel Frayne

Kieran Fuller

Raymond Gains

Terry Gash

Mickey George

Tony Gibbs

Norman Gilder

Ciaran Glennon

Berl Goldbart

Simon Gorman

Russell Grant

Allison Greaves

Alan Green

Johnny Greenfield

David Grove

Peter Gruenewald

Jake H Cass

Ayla H Page

Glen Halley

Stuart Halley

Dianne Hally

Christine Hamilton

Ian Hamilton

Marilyn Hamilton

Bryan Hammatt

Peter Hammond

Richard Hammond

Michael Harmsworth

Steph Harrison

Ian Hart

John Harte

Chris Hawksworth

Gail Hawksworth

Stephen Hayes

Anthony Oliver Headland

John A Henderson

Steve Henning

Jennifer Hepton

Robert Hepton

Stewart Herd

 Malcolm Hewitt

Jamie Heywood

David Hicks

Simon Hill

John Hodgkinson

John Hollis

David Holmes

Glen Hosford

Nigel Howard

Terry Howard

Chris Hubbard

Neville Hubbard

Chris Hughes

June Isik

Os Isik

Arin Ismail

Aysegul Ismail

Mustafa Ismail

Ramadan Ismail

Rick Jewell

Glenn Jordan

Sonya Karafistan

Chris Kaufman

Paul Keable

Elaine Keay

Iain Keay

Andrew King

Charlotte King

Jon Kraushaar

Paul Lamper

Richard Lance

Geoff Lee

Thomas Legge

Keith Leghorn

Mark Lever

David Lewis

Duncan Lewis

Alan Limbrick

Brenda Limbrick

Keith Ly

James Macdonald

Paul Macdonald

Keith Mackenzie Ingle

Andrew Macpherson

Gavin Macpherson

David Malleson

Ben Mammen

Paul Manel

John Manitara

Charles Mann

Steve Mann

Michael Mansi

Gavin Mardell

Philip Marshall

Edward Mccluskey

David Mead

Alan Medlock

Gabriel Costa Meytanis

Derek Millar

Scott Miller

Paul Millington

Lee Mills

Margaret Mills

Warren Monk

Geoffrey Morris

Andrew Nicolaou

Chris Noad

Carole North

Stuart North

Trevor North

Nicholas Nørgaard

Ipek Ozerim

Peter Palmer

Mark Panayiotou

Carol Parcell

Del Parcell

James Patman

John Patman

Andrew Pearce

Tim Pearce

Michael Pegrum

Olive Pegrum

Colin Perry

Ralph Petrie

David Pinnington

Martin Prendergast

Rupert Price

Michael Prime

Lindsay Rawlings

Paul Rayner

Mark Reardon

Kester Reed

Paul Reed

Roger Reed

Phil Rice

Steve Richards

Tony Richards

Ben Rider

Mark Rider

Claudia Risley

Mathew Risley

Dave Roberts

Andrew Robertson

Anthony Robshaw

Christoper Robshaw

Kathleen Robshaw

Lee Robson

Vincent Romanelli

Jordan Romer

Gary Ruff

Pedro Santos

Trevor Saull

Brian Savage

Jean Savage

Michael Savage

Stephen Savage

John Schofield

James Scott

Murray Scott

Thomas Scott

Jon Scutt

John Seligmann

Nick Shah

Joseph Shaughnessy

Brendan Sheerin

Alison Shepherd

David Siddall

David Sims

John Slight

Andrew Smith

Geoff Smith

Glyn Smith

Stephen Smith

Josh Somma

David Square

Joe Studman

Helen Thewlis

David Thomas

George Thompson

George Thompson

Kieron Townend

Stuart Trevallion

Mark Tripp

Mark Turner

Tony Upson

E Valenza

Stephen Vinall

Adam Vincent

Colin Walker

Andrew Warshaw

Frances Watson

Neville Watson

Neil Watts

Cliff West

Sheila West

Martin White

Lee Wilkinson

Mark Willis

David Wisbey

Michael Wren

Peter Wyatt

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