A Real Team Effort

The Christmas period is a busy time for everyone, not least our catering partners, Cooking Champions who, as most of you will know, are a registered charity providing food support across the borough and beyond.

 This year, with the demand for food banks across the country continuing to soar, the number of food parcels distributed by the Enfield-based company increased by 45% over 2002.

 Not surprisingly December was their busiest month during which Cooking Champions distributed an incredible 1,041 food packages across Enfield alone including an additional Christmas Eve service.

 The relationship between our club and Cooking Champions works both ways in terms of mutual support.

 So it’s a testament to Gavin Macpherson that when ceo Clare Donovan asked if we could assist by providing a couple of players to help serve meals at their weekly community lunch in Enfield following their admirable Christmas initiative, Gavin personally gave up his time, taking Jonathan Hippolyte with him.

“It’s been a real eye-opener in terms of what Cooking Champions do and how far it extends in terms of feeding people in the local community,” said Gavin during his visit on Thursday as a volunteer (pictured with Jonathan and the Cooking Champions team).

“For me, it’s been an education. There’s obviously a close association between the football club and Cooking Champions and it was an absolute pleasure to be there, quite humbling in some respects.”

 “I’ve probably opened up a little bit more of a career for myself in terms of being a waiter though I’m not sure how good I was!” Gavin joked.

 Jonathan Hippolyte added: “It was a lovely day and it was a pleasure meeting everyone at Cooking Champions.”

Andrew Warshaw