Happy 80th, Tony

On behalf of everyone at Enfield Town FC, we would like to wish Tony Gibbs a huge happy 80th birthday .

Tony is one our longest serving fans and follows us home and away as well as giving up his spare time volunteering the supervision of our various Young Children Disability coaching sessions.

Tony, who epitomises the spirit of our club, acts as the liaison link between the parents, the club and the NHS at three six-week sessions per year staged at the club’s 3G training pitch.

“I’d never been involved in anything like this before but I thrive on it,” Tony told The Enfield Dispatch in a recent interview.

“When you are doing voluntary work, it’s so rewarding. You get back far more than you are able to give. It’s extremely positive not just for the children but also the adults and carers.”

You’re a credit to our club, Tony. Happy Birthday. Here’s to many more….