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Supporters’ Whipround

Dear Member,
we’ve had a horrible year with Covid19, which has seen our club’s survival at the mercy of Government Grants and the overwhelming generosity of supporters donating last year’s season ticket purchases to our cause. Without either we’d be looking at a very different financial scenario ahead on our return in July.

Last year saw the power Fan Ownership had when our Crowdfunding Appeal over achieved and paid for replacement floodlights and enabled us to purchase a new coolant system as well, both extremely vital for us to operate.

This year we have a number of projects which are costly and again needs Supporters input to enable us a stronger financial standing when our Stadium doors open up once again.

We’re looking to raise between £4,000 and £5,000 to meet the costs of the following items which in turn will help generate further income for our Club in what is going to be a financial season of the unknown.

1- Fitting out our newly purchased Marquee
We need to kit out the new marquee for use on match days and this would include things like lighting, and beer pumps to improve options. We hope the marquee will expand our bar capacity further and enable supporters to comfortably enjoy their day at the QE Stadium in all weathers whilst we all adjust to the Coronavirus risk assessments until things return to normality.

2- Refrigerators in Butlers Bar
Refrigerators in Butlers Bar are past their sell by date and have been repaired numerous times. We need to start to replace them for use in the upstairs bar and also for service in the marquee if possible.

3- A new large flag to Commemorate our 20th Anniversary
The current large match day flag has served us well since you the supporters purchased it in 2013 and will continue to serve us for many years to come.
Many supporters have suggested it’s time for a new one to commemorate our 20th Anniversary.
The Ultras have already agreed on a design and feel the new flag will, like the current flag, also become a major focal point for supporters and new visitors to have pictures with at the Stadium.

4- Club Shop Fittings
In case you’re unaware, we’ve now got a 3rd Portable Cabin on site as you walk in from the Turnstiles. The board managed to secure the cabin from local company Fairview Homes.
Thanks to the hard work of Mark Thompson and his son George (Cameraman) the cabin is secured and also fully powered up.
The intention is to use the cabin as a Walk-in Club shop enabling supporters and visitors to have a better view of items on sale as well as other potential goods for sale.
However we would like to install the customary and similar Shop Fixture and Fittings we are accustomed to when visiting shops on the high street.

5- Additional outdoor seating – wooden pub bench/tables
To meet our outdoor bar requirements. We feel we could do with more for supporters comfort and enjoyment, it will also lessen the burden on our volunteers bringing masses of chairs/tables to and from Butlers Bar, especially if the lifts broken down as well.

6- FC United Trip
Lastly, I’m sure you’re all aware that we’ve confirmed our agreement for a return fixture with fellow Fan Owned club FC United of Manchester following their visit to the QE Stadium in July 2019.
We would like to take as many supporters as possible to the game and funds raised would help subsidise the cost of the trip

Therefore we are putting out an appeal for a ‘2021 Supporters Whip’ to meet all the needs we have listed above or to meet as many of them as possible.
No sum donated is too small i.e £20×350 members and we’ll comfortably meet and exceed our aims, £10×350 members will achieve the majority of the listed requirements.
Whether it a £5 or £100 donation it all adds up, as we saw with our very successful Crowdfunding Appeal last year.

Donations can be given conveniently online via the Club Shop

Donations can be paid into the Club Account below and referenced ’Whip’ so our treasurers can put the monies towards these items
Sort code 20-45-45
Account 43222942
Acc name is ETFC Ltd

Once again on behalf of the board we’d like to Thank everyone of you for the continued support and secondly proving you can’t beat A Community Fan Owned Club when it calls out for some help.

Roll on 2021/22