The dangers of gambling

Enfield Town FC are proud to support  The Big Step,  a campaign to end all gambling advertising and sponsorship in football, led by those who have been personally harmed.

The Big Step are part of Gambling with Lives,  a charity set up by the families and friends of young people who have taken their own lives as a direct result of gambling. 

The campaign delivers gambling awareness sessions and a string of other initiatives designed to discourage players from gambling.

Earlier this month, more than 60 people affected by gambling – including families who have lost loved ones–  walked from Manchester to Liverpool to demand gambling reform.

With the online gambling industry increasingly pervasive in lower-league football, there is a growing need to update the  UK’s 2005 Gambling Act which is now out of date.

Non-league clubs are particularly susceptible and The Big Step  wants a blanket ban on gambling advertising in football.

Last week’s ETFC members meeting included a special appearance from  Chris Gilham, who stepped in on Zoom to replace The Big Step founder James Grimes, a former gambling addict, in speaking to members to raise awareness of the dangers surrounding gambling.

Chris gave a passionate account of  how the practice had affected him personally and how at one stage he considered taking his own life.

“It affects both your mental and physical health,” said Chris who revealed that a petition launched by the Big Step already has some 67,000 signitures. “We need to get all gambling sponsorship out of football, not just on shirts but all advertising.”