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Attention LinkedIn users!

Are you a user of LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is a free business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. 

The Club has recently updated its LinkedIn home page and will over the coming weeks and months further update the page with regular postings. 

Most of the postings you may have already seen on the website but, through LinkedIn, by your liking or sharing of the posts with your network, it will help towards the primary objective of increasing the Club’s profile for a much wider audience. 

Another key objective of our posts will be seeking to attract more advertisers and sponsors and increase vital revenue from which the club will benefit. 

We will also be promoting our fixtures in an attempt to entice new supporters who we hope will want to return once they have sampled the matchday experience at the Queen Elizabeth II Stadium.  

We are aware that, through just a handful of existing supporters using LinkedIn, shared postings can reach many thousands of potential contacts.

ETFC LinkedIn page followers have increased slightly in recent weeks and you can help increase our reach still further.  There is a LinkedIn icon on the top left hand corner of the home page of the Club website.

Your support would be greatly welcomed!